Psychotherapy and Facilitation

“It’s so much friendlier with two”
AA Milne

Whether you have a specific issue you want to work on, you can’t see a way forward or are experiencing a more general sense of dissatisfaction with life, it can be a relief to get support. That has certainly been my experience. I am here to listen and to work with you to find out what you are hoping to change or discover. My job is to stay alongside you until you feel clearer, happier, relieved, more yourself.

I work with whatever you choose to bring: neurodivergence (I am trained to coach people with ADHD whether diagnosed or suspected), depression, anxiety, dreams, symptoms and physical pain, addictions, self-criticism, relationship troubles, trauma and abuse, isolation, eating disorders, bereavement, sexual difficulties and creative blocks…. to name but a few. Each session looks different – we may work with your dreams or physical symptoms, your voice or your movements. Or it may be that you want to tell your story and have it witnessed. Sometimes clients like to draw or to role-play. I follow your lead.

Crucial to the work is our relationship. If you feel safe and sense my respect that is the foundation for good work together. If not, you are better working with someone you experience this with. One way to find out is to have a 15 minute discovery call on Zoom (free of charge) and we can see how it goes.