Privacy notice

In line with European General Data Protection Regulations, and as a professional registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, I am obliged to share the following information with you regarding how your data is used and protected:

 Information I collect

I store your name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, GP details and other personal information that you provide me with.  I also write brief notes of sessions.

How I store information

Your personal information and sessions notes are stored securely as a paper record in a locked filing cabinet.  I destroy them seven years after your sessions end unless agreed otherwise.  This includes any art work created during our sessions. Any information stored digitally is kept securely on a password protected computer and destroyed three years after our work ends except for videos/ audio recordings which I delete two weeks after recording.  Your telephone number is stored on my mobile phone under your initials and will be deleted when our sessions end.  I store a note of your appointment in my diary using your initials.   At the end of these periods respectively I will burn all paper copies or delete any data stored online.

Names and phone numbers of current clients are shared with my professional executor in line with good practice in the profession.  This person would contact you in the event of my death or being unable to work and unable to contact you myself.

How I use this information

I will use your contact details to engage in my work with you including contacting you about appointments, keeping records such as appointments, providing invoices, running and maintaining my business.  I will not use contact information or session notes for any purpose other than in this notice and as stated in my contract.  I will never share your data with a third party unless you ask me to, or unless obliged to by a court of law.  In this unlikely event I would always endeavour to inform you first.

Your rights and access to information

You have the right to ask to see any information that I hold about you.  Unless prevented from doing so by legal reasons, I will provide this information to you within a month of your request.  I am happy to look at this in a session.  You also have the right to ask me to change any information that I hold about you that is incorrect and to ask me to delete any information that I hold about you. I will do this except for any information I need to hold for legal purposes such as my business tax purposes.


If you wish to complain about how I hold your data in any way then in the first instance please contact me on 07713 622781.  If you have any further concerns which are not addressed then you should contact the Information Commissioner’s Office at or on 0303 123 1113.


I will report any data breach to the Independent Commissioner and to you within 72 hours if it becomes apparent that any data is stolen. My data protection reference is ZA475099 .


If you wish to contact me with questions, concerns, complaints or to request your information then please contact me on 07713 622781.

Thank you,

Caroline Baillie

April 2020