About Caroline

Caroline Baillie

Caroline Baillie

I grew up in the south east of the UK and was an inquisitive and musical child, going on to study languages at university and then working in a newsroom in London. But my heart wasn’t in it. In search of a slower pace of life and a career change I moved to Nailsworth in Gloucestershire with my family in 2001.

During the early 2000’s I heard about Process Work’s founder Arnold Mindell, a psychotherapist and physicist who came up with the radical idea that within any difficulty there is the potential for meaning and growth –  be that a relationship conflict, a disturbing nightmare, a physical symptom or even a traumatic life event. I got so fascinated by this idea that I began my formal training in Process Work in 2009. Mindell’s approach continues to inspire and challenge me in every sphere of my life.  It has well and truly captured my heart.

Process Work is deeply inclusive of all kinds of experiences. It is founded on the philosophy of deep democracy, namely the principle that diversity leads to a better, wiser and more sustainable whole. I welcome people of all abilities, ages, ethnic and racial backgrounds, faiths, relationship styles and sexual orientations to my practice.

My training is accredited by UKCP with whom I am a registered psychotherapist and whose Code of Ethics and Practice I abide by.